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Style Your Own Vision Board

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

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Steps to creating a Vision Board

Purpose: to create a visual representation of your goals and dreams.

1. Answer these questions on a piece of paper:

✸Are you satisfied with where you are currently?

✷yes, then where do you see yourself in 1 year or 3-5 years in the future.

✷ NO, then what would you do different? Or would be in a different environment? Or different job? Or house, or car.... health goals? Relationship?

2.🎯Find images that speak to you. From old magazines, google images, old photographs...

🧘‍♀️Do they draw feelings of happiness, peace, satisfaction, joy, love.... then they are the right pictures for you.

🎨You do not need to be an artist, or for that matter need many art supplies. All you need is a canvas (any thing you want, old poster board, a piece of wood, an old book, a journal, an actual canvas...). The possibilities are endless. Whatever it may be, it should speak to you.

🥰 should be associated warm and wonderful feelings. ❌ DO NOT WANT ANYTHING ON THERE THAT HAS ANY NEGATIVE CONNOTATION WHAT SO EVER. That defeats the purpose.

3. 🌌 can do it in a collage format, as I have. Or perhaps a diagram with a timeline?

Or perhaps you love to journal📜and you want put it in a story format.

Ultimately, there are are no strict guidelines. There are rules or regulations. That is the beauty of it. It is only restricted by your dreams🌠

You can use any medium, any format. As long as you express your goals and dreams in some way and give your self a way to visualize it everyday. It will be the reminder of why you wake up every day. It will help you to focus on the goals of the day.

4. The best place to have it is in a place that you see it everyday, preferably first thing in the morning and the last thing before you go to bed🛌

In the morning, it helps you to keep focused on your goals.

At night, it allows your subconscious mind to create possibilities and avenues to achieve these goals.

This could be by your bed or in the bathroom🛀🏻 Whatever feels right to you.

I place my vision board on the wall above bedside table.

Those were some guidelines for you.

Here is how I created mine.

I made this mixed media vision board for our bedroom wall. My talented husband made this amazing frame. I love that we have put both our creations and vision together to see everyday! — with Jack Boudreaux

The background was created over an old poster I had from college days. Jack created a sturdy pine backing for the poster. The poster colors had a lot of blue and black colors. Those colors peak through and provide dimension. It was fun altering my old poster and turn it into my own art. The poster bought back fond memories of college, including all the hopes and dreams. It was a nostalgic experience creating this vision board that represented my current hopes and dreams for our future.

Stencils and texture paste created the leaves and branches through out the canvas. I wanted the vision board embody the therapeutic aspects of nature. Every time I look at the canvas, it gives me a sense of peace and tranquility.

There are also high quality dinner napkins with beautiful images of birds and leaves applied to the background using gel medium. There are also images and sayings that were fussy cut from some of my favorite premium paper stacks.

I also printed saying that created on my Microsoft word software.

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